Danielle Stevens – Danielle Stevens Photography

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Danielle lives in Upstate New York with her boyfriend and their son. Documentary photography and embracing the beauty in the mundane has been the running theme in Danielle’s work since her time studying photography in college. Since becoming a mother she has taken those themes and applied it to the way she documents motherhood, chronicles the life of a boy, and captures the beauty in their wild.

Johanna Hood – Thirty7 Photography

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Johanna is married to her high school sweetheart and they live in Georgia with their two children. She shoots from the heart and has an eye for light which results in images that depict her everyday life in a way that is truly magical.

Amanda Brooke – Green and Grey Photography

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Amanda lives in Virginia with her husband and two children. Before having her children she taught drawing, painting and sculpture. She found her passion with photography after having her daughter and has been doing that since. Their family is laid back, love to travel and explore the outdoors. Her artistic soul has such a presence in each image and her love of nature is apparent in her work.

Abigail Fahey – Abigail Fahey Photography

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Abigail is a mom of four who lives in the United Kingdom. Her work is filled with life and peppered with stolen moments. She is inspired by her children and adores capturing their everyday to tell the story of their life in this moment and to give them images to treasure when they are grown.

Linn Marlen – Linn Marlen Photography


Linn has a way of capturing her children through their eyes. Taking a peek at her images makes you want to go back and relive childhood…or at the very least be adopted by her so you can explore the beautiful places she visits and have beautifully documented images of life as a child.

Billie Mae – Billie Mae Photography

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Billie and her husband live on a farm in Victoria (south eastern Australia) with their three girls. She loves to tell the story of her family through the use of photography. Although she is greatly inspired by farm life; her draw to dramatic light, unique compositions, and connections play a role in achieving the beautiful and dynamic images she creates.

Monica Hart – Monica Hart Photography

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Monica is from Cincinnati and is the mother of two girls who are her inspiration. She has a way of seeing moments and capturing them that is completely unique. Her work is full of energy and emotion, not only due to the subject matter, but in how she chooses to fill her frame.

Heather Chang – Heather Chang Photography

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Heather lives in Texas and truly captures life with wild abandon. She takes pictures of what may seem to be an ordinary moment, but through her use of light and framing, she transforms it into something extraordinary.

Sonja Stich – Sonja Stich Photography


Sonja is from Germany but lives in Spain with her family. She has two boys with wild imaginations and their creativity and joy of discovery are Sonja’s inspiration when it comes to her work. Pair that with the beautiful streets of Barcelona and light found in the Mediterranean, and you have yourself the ingredients that make up the beautiful images she captures.

Anita Cline – My Three Sons Images

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Anita has been married for 26 years and has three sons. She has two grandchildren, Austin and Aubrie, who make up a huge part of her work. She loves to freelens and primarily shoots that way which is how she achieves such beautiful dreamy images.


Chelsea Cronkrite – Bird + Bear Photography

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Chelsea lives in the North Carolina mountains on a farm with her husband and two daughters. She spends her day tending to her array of animals and adventuring waterfalls, rivers, creeks, and nature centers. Her creativity isn’t limited to just photography, she holds writing, painting, coloring, singing and dancing dear to her heart and creates just about every day. Her work captures the beauty of living in the mountains, and documents life on a farm with honesty and love.


Celeste Pavlik

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Celeste lives in a small town in Maryland with her husband and 4 boys (including identical triplets!). She likes to play around with freelensing and beautifully captures her subject and the moment with her emotive style.


Clarice Clifton

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Clarice is a photographer and blogger who lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two girls. She captures her family’s life beautifully and effortlessly by turning the in between moments into pure magic.