“All good things are wild and free” – Henry David Thoreau

School is out and summer break is upon (most of) us. This is the time to take advantage of all of the sunshine, late sunsets resulting in even later bedtimes, trips to the beaches and forests, and straight up chilling in the backyard. 

We spent this month documenting ourselves and our children living life freely. We went on adventures and stayed home. We shot quiet moments and wild ones too. We relaxed and let go of responsibilities and the results were beautiful.

                                                      My Three Sons Images – Anita Cline

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                                                                          Heather Chang 

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                                              Green and Grey Photography – Amanda Brooke

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                                                                     Danielle Stevens

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                                              Bird + Bear Photography – Chelsea Cronkrite

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                                                                        Abigail Fahey

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                                                                          Linn Marlen

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                                                                       Billie Leatham

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                                                                   Sonja Stich Fotografias

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                                                     Thirty7 Photography – Johanna Hood

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                                                                        Monica Hart

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