“If you keep me safe, I’ll keep you wild”

This theme was chosen to celebrate this season we are all in called motherhood and also because we all draw inspiration from our children. Sometimes we get caught up in the responsibilities of life but watching a child fearlessly get lost in their world of adventure and imagination reminds us to find that bit of wild in our souls. As mothers and parents we promise to keep them safe at all times, from physical and emotional harm. In turn our reward is being able to witness the raw beauty of childhood and, if we allow it, finding that wild within ourselves too.


Abigail Fahey

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Amanda Brooke – Green and Grey Photography

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Anita Cline – My Three Sons Images

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Billie Leatham – Billie Mae Photography

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Celeste Pavlik

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Heather Chang

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Linn Marlen

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Monica Hart

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Sonja Stich

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Johanna Hood – Thirty7 Photography

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Danielle Stevens

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